My first Fedora 18 (Spherical Cow) post after 2 weeks of use

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fedoraAfter 2 weeks of using Fedora 18, I decided to make a post to comment my experiences. From what I’ve read, many users agree with me. I’m with no-time, so I do not abound too much detail, just the main thing.

To start, installation is super simple, I just didn’t like (and after trying it 4 times I don’t understand it well), is the disk partitioner, is something uncomfortable, unintuitive.

System speed is phenomenal, and personally, it’s nice to know that there are very regular updates.

GNOME 3.6 is the bad that brought Fedora 18, and after reading some reviews noted that people have not been able to distinguish between Fedora and GNOME. Version 3.6 of GNOME is fast, the new menu, which is not much different, is good, is a change that is not feeling, but the bottom bar is not so nice as before, is larger and more sensitive, it open all the time and lock the screen. The most uncomfortable thing I’ve found is Nautilus (the file browser), I can not open two panels at a time (function which was done with the F3 key), therefore I can not drag with the middle mouse button to do links, etc., and the worst part is not being able to return to the previous folder by pressing the “Backspace”, is super uncomfortable, you have to use the mouse with Nautilus, which has greatly reduced my browsing speed.

Everything else has worked deluxe, although, I admit I didn’t have had much time to try other things. These contras only have reduced the time for some things, the system is still very fast and useful, and I hope GNOME people think in this errors they have had and fix them. Maybe later I make another post about the subject. Now I get to continue programming.